My Dear's convo...

Times fly...
Ing Chieh, Venessa and Ci Qi
finished their study in UTM & USM
We went studio to take this special photo.
1 Lovely Bear for Ing Chieh
2 Fat Pig Pig for Ci Qi & Venessa
CV went Genting, BH & PS want to clean house
so only 5 of us went to meet her
at DSI to present her the Big Bear.

She is always our happy star

3 of them and Jess are my disciples.

Both of them are so closed
i think Yi Wen will missed her very much

Actually oh...
Every year till this period of time
My heart feel a bit lost
cos 1 by 1 they will go out from here
and they are so precious to me...
Pray for me
I am on leave now but
i wish i can spend some time to visit
them 1 by 1 too.
Fren, you take care too ya...
sms me if you are free


we are still human being...

Don't know should be happy or sad?
Start my 3 months leave but...
14 days passed yet not start my holidays!?
Things keep happen to me 1 by 1
really feel like giving up everything
and go.....not coming back here anymore
stupid!!! really stupid...right?
do u believe a person that keep saying
"God is my boss..."
yet doing things in his/her own way?
he/she thought nobody will know
but the way he/she do things
and the decision he/she made
oredi make people laugh
cos everybody who know him/her
knows what he/she will said...haha...
said will follow what God wants him/her to do
yet everything also follow his/her own will...
said this cannot that cannot
but when everybody said this cannot
he/she will said YES why not?
cause when he/she wants it to be done
sure la, if he/she don't like then No la...


SME t-shirt for u to order!!!

This is the T-shirt
we specially design for our ministry
anybody also can wear
if you like it pls order from me now...
call me at 012-7200737
last order on Monday 27/7
If get enough order
the price might be cheaper
senior can order too!!!



U must be very surprise right
why my msn said that i have updated my blog
but when you visit it
that's nothing inside rite?
I did updated 3 times of it but...
so.... deleted lo...


Hui Ho's family

I was in Kuching for my passed few days
and i really enjoy the time sharing and
chatting with my supporters and
their family members
but i am so sorry that i really forgot to take
some photos when i was there with them
on my last night
i visited Hui Ho & Boon Lui
Boon Lui reminds me to take photo
and this are the only 2 photos
i took with my supporter

Yi Yang & Yi Ling
they are so adorable to me
5 years ago i went visit them
they are still so small but
when i see them this time
they can share so much things with me edi
Ya, this is their family photo!
oops...Yi Yang what happen to your eyes?
Hui Ho is still very handsome
and Boon Lui is still so sweet and beautiful

Thanks so much for the Thailand Food
i enjoy it so much
Thanks for the wonderful time of sharing
take care my dear friend
May the Lord blessed this family
I love you all!


Kuching Trip

After my Holidays at Hong Kong
I came to Kuching to do my support maintenance
I stay at my Ex-disciple Richard Phang's house
at Stampin Tengah very near to airport.
2 I-Youth Venture students drive me
to everywhere i need to go
They pick me up at airport on 21st
then they start to bring me to visit my supporters
and they also bring me for food
both of them so cute
every time when they wanna bring me for
breakfast, they ate at home before pick me up
then they will sit there and watch me eating
but when i said will not take breakfast with them
then will also not take breakfast at home...
funny?! haha... they are
Ruth Chen and Melissa

Ruth and Melissa
Thanks so much for your love and care
during my trip in Kuching
Ruth buy me special ice-cream fr sugar bun

This is teh-c special (3 colour's tea)

This is wan tan but in kuching they call kiau

Na, this is kolo mee,very nice 1 oh

and this is little Sammie Phang Chee Xuan
She can talk and sing so well
and she also learn things very fast

She show me her mouth after her yogurt
God is so good to Richard & Xiao Hui
Sammie is such a clever and intelligent girl
I never see a girl like her
she can communicate so well like an adult
when she start to talk with you
you will feel so shock
A 2 years old girl can communicate with you
with me headache at all
she can understand so many things
and the way she ask just like you and me...
You will love her when you talk to her!!!
Thanks Richard and Xiao Hui
for your hospitality during my trip to Kuching
May God Blessed you and your family


Jessalynn 21st Birthday

5th of June is my dearest niece
Jessalynn Koh's 21st Birthday
after we came back from Staff Retreat
at Melaka, we went celebrate for her.
Everyone was so tire but we are all very happy
cos she is such a wonderful girl that God
brings her to our family.
A really thoughtful girl, caring girl, lovely girl
and full of thanks giving heart
also a heart that really fear God.
I love her and she is so worthy
for me to love and care for her!

Look at her happy smile...
she loves the almond coffee cake that i bought

when she cut the cake
she make 3 wishes but we don't know
what is it but maybe 1 of them i know la

see her small little mouth

just a small cake for her cos during
our staff retreat at melaka
everyday she eat cheese cake
till she rejected cheese cake edi.
Here the Lavender Almond Coffee cake
very nice cake

Her "Big Head" photos 1

oop sorry i dont know she got a big mouth too!
Too hungry's look
ohoh back to small mouth again or
maybe should say "liang po po's mouth"
This is to tell you she got long hair...
nothing special also ma hor....
Her papa Elder (Andy=ND) Richard
is praying for her before we start our dinner.
Jess, May the Lord grant you wisdom and
healthy body n healthy heart for Him
Peaceful and Happiness in life
May your testimony bring blessing to more
again, I Love You~!


Kinsahi day...

Today after sending Melissa n Ruth at Senai
Few of us went to Sutera Mall for lunch
Kinshahi Japanese Restaurant
Jason, Venessa, CiQi n I
We spend some time chatting and sharing
and we really enjoy the food so much!!!

Oh don't worried,
Joab dint go with us but i just upload this to tell u
that small kid also enjoy nice food.
These are the gift from Venessa n CiQi

Both of them wanna gv me "3 surprise"
so they buy me Kinder Joy
This is a special gift for me
cos i never try before...haha...

Kimuchi Chicken
very very nice...

Japanese Dumpling
Qi said very nice too...

salty sotong and sakeh sushi

Spider King Ramen
Just few dishes but really feel so full
till night about 10pm then only we go for dinner
Thanks for enjoying the food with me ya
after this must continue to read the next blog
if u have not read it yet
That will tell you how i feel after I-Connect 09
Thanks for your visitation here
May God blessed you
I Love You!!!


U scared of me?

I-Connect 2009再次成为士古来的祝福
Jason,Shawn,Syah Zuan
Ci Qi,Venessa,Jessalynn,Charlene and Elizabert
Thanks so much for your support and your faithfulness
during I-Connect 09
4 + 1 Beauty are always there for me when i feel lost

celebrating Charlene birthday

The one line wall picture i ever see...

During I-Connect Carnival 2009
at Sutera Mall Skudai
YB曾亚英visited us and show us her support
on the right is Pay Shen I-Connect Chairman
on the left Elder Richard Koh
New National Director of MCCC


1st time practice

see the final result in the real musical night?


Student Congress

We are having the ASEO Student Congress
at Port Dickson
This is one of the Team building session
These are some of our Malaysian Students' Leader
They are really enjoying the time of sharing


JB Prayer retreat

We just end our JB staff and
I-Youth Venture Prayer Retreat.
We wanna thank Sister Nelly
for helping us in this special retreat.
She done a good job
cos all of us enjoy the time with God so much.

Melissa, Ruth & Esther

William, Firzen & Jason
6 of the I-Youth Venture
celebrating Jason's birthday

During this retreat, we all enjoy the prayer so much

We are happy family!!!
Jared came all the way from UTeM to join us too.
After all the full schedule
time to quite and look for God's will again
IS so important


Joel's full moon

Let me introduce to you:
He is my KOKO Joab
In pink is my cousin sister
Jia En and the blur blur is
my koko's fren
My dear mummy Jasmine is praying for me when the full month's dinner going to start
my very hard-working papa Chee Seang is enjoying the food that cook by my confinement nanny aunt Julie...

She is my dearest Nanny Aunt Julie lo
she have to take care of me and also hv to
cook for my mummy too
My mama and papa likes her cooking so much oh...

These 2 are my mother's parent
after Nanny go back
then is my grand-ma's job to take care of me le..

She is Rev. Zhen Yu Feng
She pray for me
that our Lord Jesus will protect me
so that i can grow up smoothly
and will follow Jesus in my whole life

Na, this is me la
I am Joel Choh
hope that you can pray for me too
i wish to grow in a healthy and happy family.

Thank you "Kai Ma" (god-mama) that helping me to post this on facebook.

i-connect 08 music team

i-connect 08 music team

Nice Pic for you...